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Most qualified retirement plans offer significant tax benefits - if you're willing to follow a few IRS-specified rules, that is...

The Social Security program was signed into law in 1935 after the nation had endured more than a half-decade of...

How Living Expenses Change During Retirement. There are some upsides to being a retiree - senior discounts, lower taxes, subsidized...


Strategic Senior Benefits Group

The goal at the Strategic Senior Benefits Group (SSBG) is to create custom-tailored retirement solutions to address your unique set of circumstances and to help you make sound financial decisions.

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At Strategic Senior Benefits Group, we know that managing your money wisely means being knowledgeable about your options. That’s why we place a heavy emphasis on financial education. This focus on education, along with our more conservative approach to planning and saving for retirement, are just a couple of reasons why we’ve become A Retirement Income Store®.

As A Retirement Income Store®, we’re now backed by the strength and resources of the national network of Income Specialists across the country.

The Retirement Income Store® was founded by David J. Scranton, money manager, Amazon Bestselling Author, Founder of Sound Income Strategies, LLC, Founder of Advisors’ Academy and host of the financial TV show The Income Generation. With over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry, David Scranton specializes in income-generating savings and investment strategies designed to help protect your retirement savings—and that’s exactly what The Retirement Income Store® is all about!

What This Means for You, Our Loyal Clients:

As A Retirement Income Store®, the team at Strategic Senior Benefits Group will continue to help provide you with the outstanding service and individualized attention you’ve grown accustomed to. We remain committed to helping you:

  • Lower the risk to your retirement savings from economic uncertainties
  • Reduce, and possibly eliminate, your exposure to stock market risk
  • Establish renewable streams of income you can count on well into retirement
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Financial Reports

Reports – S&P 500 Comparison

The following chart shows two portfolios with identical starting balances, identical average annual return, and identical withdrawals.  The difference in the balance at the bottom of the chart shows clearly the flaw in the investment model attempting to invest for growth while drawing an income. Click here to download full report.

Reports – The Importance of Strong Financial Defense

The great Alabama coach “Bear” Bryant once said, “Defense wins championships,” and you can bet every great coach in every sport has shared that same philosophy. Just think about some of the great sports dynasties, teams that won championships year after year: The Green Bay Packers under Vince Lombardi, the Boston Celtics under Red Auerbech, [...]

Reports – The Hard Lessons of Stock Market History

If you’re like most people, you believe there’s a great deal of truth in the old adage that history tends to repeat itself more often than not. That’s an important adage to keep in mind when it comes to saving and investing for retirement because it allows you to get a glimpse into the future [...]

Reports – Market Math Made Simple

Have you ever bought a pair of pants for your child or grandchild that were too big? It’s a common occurrence, and when it happens you basically have two options: One, you can throw the pants in the wash and try to shrink them. Or two, you can just sit back knowing that child or [...]

Reports – Understanding Required Minimum Distributions

The idea behind required minimum distributions, or RMDs, is that the government wants to give us a tax incentive to save for retirement – but they also want to make sure we don’t misuse it. So, if we're in the 30% tax bracket and we put money into a tax-deductible IRA or a 401k, each [...]

Reports – Are Your Allocations Right for RMDs?

Making sure your IRAs are allocated properly for required minimum distributions (RMDs) once you reach the age at which you must take them is as simple as following a bit of advice your parents probably used to tell you: live off your interest, don’t touch your principal. That may sound simple enough, but there are [...]

Reports – Understanding Social Security Benefits

Before you can retire, you should know what all of your sources of income are going to be, and how much you can expect to receive from each. Social Security benefits will, obviously, be one of those sources, but how much you can expect to receive depends on a variety of factors. There are ways [...]

Reports – Are Your Allocations Right for Social Security?

Nothing exists in a vacuum, meaning that even if you’ve determined the best time and method of taking your Social Security benefits based on your age, objectives and lifelong earnings, it won’t matter unless you properly coordinate your benefits with your overall retirement income plan. Most people agree that Social Security is not enough to [...]

Reports – Non-Stock Market Income Generating Alternatives

There are three basic categories of investments: conservative, moderate and aggressive. Aggressive instruments are those primarily invested in for growth. As the chart shows, they include things such as common stock, stock mutual funds, speculative real estate and commodities. Again, these are typically invested in for growth or capital appreciation, not income. They’re considered “aggressive” [...]

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