401K & Retirement Plan Rollovers in Coconut Creek, FL


If you’re a participant in an employer-sponsored retirement plan and you’re taking a new job with a different employer, or you’re retiring, executing a rollover is a great option.

Two major benefits of rolling an employer-sponsored plan into an IRA are:

1. Lower fees have a direct impact on your returns.

One of the main benefits of an IRA is that there are often more investing options. If you contribute to or still maintain your current or past employer’s retirement plan, you may end up with only a few options, typically chosen by the plan administrator. Additionally, you may be encouraged to be heavily invested in company stock or have a limited number of high-cost mutual funds to choose from. This is not the fault of the administrator, but it is a difficult task to satisfy the investment needs of a wide spectrum of employees with a limited number of options.


2. The fees with an IRA are typically lower than what your retirement plan will charge you after you leave the job.

The fees with an IRA can often be lower than what is charged by your plan administrator. You can’t control how your investments perform but you can control how much you pay in fees, which has a direct impact on your returns.


There are several ways to move your retirement funds and help avoid a taxable event. When moving your IRA or employer-sponsored retirement plan you have the following choices:

  • Direct Transfer
  • Rollover
  • Direct Rollover

Strategic Senior Benefits Group specializes in the efficient transfer of funds, helping to minimize taxation, preserve principal, and create dependable income streams when necessary.

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