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Fiduciary Financial Advisors in Coconut Creek, FL

Because investment approach is critical to your success in retirement, choosing an advisor whose experience aligns with your objectives is one of the most important decisions you will make. Additionally, keep in mind that an advisor who is bound by fiduciary responsibility will always be held to the standard of making recommendations which are in your best interest.

Wealth Planning in Retirement

Taking a growth-oriented approach may be suitable during your earlier working years, when accumulation is your number one priority and you have the time to ride out potential market downfalls.

However, as you near retirement, the need to transition to an income-based approach arises. This shift will accommodate the distribution stage of your life, simply because it is during this stage that you lose the luxury of time. While you may still have 20-40+ years to live, your timeframe should be measured between now and when you will begin to draw an income from your portfolio.

That’s why, as you near retirement, it makes sense to work with a financial advisor who understands the best ways to help preserve your principal, so you can use your savings as a renewable source of steady income you can count on.

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